Sunday, March 3, 2013

Does Bolling have a chance?

NRO looks at Bill Bolling's chances with an independent bid for governor.
Earlier this week, Bolling stoked the chatter when he fired off an email to his donors and political allies, asking for their advice regarding a gubernatorial run. “I know it won’t be easy to win the governorship as an independent candidate, but with your help I believe it can be done,” he wrote.
But not all of Bolling’s allies are buying it. They say that money, more than anything else, will be the factor that keeps him out of the race. Unaffiliated Virginia Republicans agree, arguing that Bolling would need to raise millions fast. Running a credible independent campaign would take at least $15 million, and the lieutenant governor has less than $800,000 on hand. He also has little to no campaign apparatus.
Show me the money. And there's not much time to get the money before March 14.

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