Friday, August 21, 2009

Karaffa invites Sen. Webb & Warner to Valley townhall meeting

~Using own money to rent facility and advertise event~

His name is David Karaffa, he is 25 years old, and he is an Augusta County resident. He's a cardiac RN at the local hospital and he has many questions about the Democrat nationalized health care bill.

David wants to talk to his U.S. senators about his concerns. The problem is his senators are nowhere to be found. He has tried calling, emailing, sending faxes -- everything he can think of -- with no response other than form letters that don't answer his questions.

Since Jim Webb and Mark Warner were not holding any townhall events anywhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia, David decided to invest his own money and rent the auditorium at Riverheads High School in southern Augusta County and set it up so all the senators have to do is show up.

Invitations have been sent to Sen. Webb and Warner.

Friday morning David called Glenn Beck's conservative radio program to spread the news about his townhall meeting. He went on the air and explained his concerns and why he felt it necessary to go out on his own to set up a townhall meeting that may end up with the names of the senators on signs sitting on empty chairs.

But a townhall meeting ... with or without the senators ... gives local residents the opportunity to bring their concerns about nationalized health care to a public forum. This young man is moving forward in his quest to receive answers to his health care questions.

The Shenandoah Valley
Virginia U.S. Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner
to a
Healthcare Town Hall Meeting!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009
6-8 p.m.
Auditorium at Riverheads High School
Augusta County, Virginia

All Valley residents are encouraged to attend. Please bring your questions, support, or criticism.

This is the Valley's opportunity to have its voice heard.

Come out and be heard!


  1. This is a joke, right? Actually, the sad thing is this isn't a joke. Where is Bob Goodlatte? No where, but that doesn't matter to people like David Karrafa. This is a joke, the Republican party is a joke, and this blog is certainly a joke. I get on this blog to get my daily dose of humor, thanks for the pathetic attempt to have a voice.

  2. I'm still waiting to here from one of you nutjobs why Bob Goodlatte isn't mentioned or invited? Actually, don't bother, I know the answer. It is because he won't come just like Warner and Webb won't come. If you start allowing any citizen who has a concern to set up a town hall you set a wrong precedent. An intelligent person would recognize that, but most Republicans aren't intelligent. This stinks of partisan politics without an invitation to Goodlatte, better fix that problem Karaffa. Once again, this blog, SWACGirl especially, and all the others are just jokes. David Karrafa and Lynn Mitchell, you do know what the majority of Augusta County thinks of you, right? Probably not, have fun remainind in your dilusional world that doesn't fit in with reality.

  3. The previous posts are just an example of the vitriol, anger, and bad attitudes of some people. I allow them to rant generally, as long as they don't curse, etc. I hope you can see theanger bubbling up from Mr.Anonymous

  4. Phil,
    I don't know Mr Anonymous (obviously) and don't get him and I confused. I simply don't have a google accout, but read all the local blogs I can. He does have a point thought that I think should be addressed. Rep. Goodlatte, who I support, has yet to have a town hall meeting. He has been doing the same things as Senators Webb and Warner, having "phone" town hall meetings, whatever that is. I called Goodlatte's office to see if he was having a town hall meeting, and he wasn't. As our representative in Congress his vote is just as important as Webb's and Warner's. Why is he not being pressured to attend a town hall meeting to hear our voices? If you know Karaffa you should encourage him to invite Goodlatte, so this event doesn't seem partisan.

    On a final note Phil, I think it is great you allow people to post up all view points, it shows your willingness to hear from different sides. The former poster does seem angry, but this health care debate is a little frustrating. Please address the Goodlatte issue though.

  5. I don't know if Goodlatte was invited to this particular meeting. I know he is having atleast 2 of his own.

    Roanoke Valley
    Thursday, September 3rd
    7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
    Hidden Valley High School
    5000 Titan Trail

    Shenandoah Valley
    Saturday, September 5th
    10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
    Turner Ashby High School Auditorium
    800 North Main Street

  6. Anonymous,
    I am David Karaffa, my blog is, I have sent all the information about the Health Care Town Hall to Rep. Bob Goodlatte. He and his office are aware of the event.

    Rep. Goodlatte is holding a couple of Town Halls throughout the 6th Congressional District of Virginia.

    Therefore, I invited the Virginia Senators Webb and Warner because, as of today, they are not holding any events, open to the public, anywhere in the state.