Saturday, April 27, 2013

Any info with your speculation?

Blue Virginia thinks Ken Cuccinelli has a problem - you can't run for governor while staying as attorney general.
The assumption is - the political will pull the state job. You can't do both well.
Cuccinelli has been running for governor over a year as attorney general. Are there any examples of problems with the approach?
Nope, just speculation.
Others running for higher office make that the priority, so obviously Cuccinelli will.
Cuccinell's likely reason? He's running against a guy who is truly a political creature. If he leaves the job as attorney general, it's a politician running against a politician.
Now, it's an experienced public figure against a friend of Bill Clinton.
It may be hard to serve two masters. But against Terry McAuliffe, being grounded in the real world can make it work.

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