Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Can't beat Cuccinelli

Watching the reaction of Democrats to the nomination of E.W. Jackson as Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, they must realize they have no chance in November.
Blue Virginia runs a lengthy piece on how Republicans could get Jackson off the ticket. All suggestions that would divide the party, increase friction between the grassroots and establishment, and mostly make the Cuccinelli team look bad.
Jackson grabbed the convention spotlight and rode it to a surprising victory. He's the man, and no amount of whining can change that.
If you like Cuccinelli, you like his standing for his beliefs - no matter what criticism he gets.
He probably remembers all the criticism from the summer of 2009, when his nomination was assumed to doom the Republican ticket.
The Republican ticket has toured the state.
The Democrats' only hope in November is to break up the team. Don't fall for it.

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