Friday, June 12, 2009

The last standing American automobile company

From 1909... To 2009. Dennis Fleming of Luray is taking his wife and daughter on his Model T Ford from ocean to ocean.

He tells News 3 he's excited about it, "I've been planning for the last five years."

Fleming says his family is driving their 1913 Model T Ford from New York to Seattle. "This is also the 100th anniversary of the New York to Seattle run, which was done in 1909, where Henry Ford entered two model Ts."

He's doing it with American pride. "It's the last standing American automobile company and we're going to prove that the Ford car is still good."

His daughter, Katie, does not want us to forget that It is the 21st Century. That is why the family is taking their GPS in their 1913 car, along with a computer.

Katie states, "I'm actually going to be blogging the whole way." You can catch her videos on "Katie Across The Country."

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