Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Delegate Mitchell Not To Be

I was somewhat disheartened this evening when I heard through close friends that Mrs. Lynn "SWAC Girl" Mithchell has decided not to enter into the nomination race for VA's 20th Delegate, a seat soon to be vacated by Chris Saxman. I've spoken with Lynn on this matter personally and know that she did not come to this decision lightly. Lynn spent many an hour discussing this first and foremost with family whom she hold above all else. Lynn's interest in seeking this position was about serving the district with solid conservative values and in no way about some power grab.

It is this blogger's opine that ultimately Lynn decided not to seek the nomination because she didn't want to drag her friends and family through the baseless and cowardly lies that were unsuccessfully used to try and harm her in the past year/s. I believe that many of these cowardly attacks would have continued anew from people who have never done in there whole lives what Lynn Mitchell does in an average weekend for the conservative movement.
If your the type of person who posts hate speech on someones blog and then signs off as anonymous then yes I'm referring to you.

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