Sunday, July 26, 2009

Report from Richmond Tea Party

The Other McCain spoke at Saturday's Liberty 101 meeting in Richmond. His report includes lots of links to those groups in attendance.


  1. I'm not sure why I read these conservative blogs, I guess for a good laugh. I am offended though by the ignorant usage of "tea party." It is an insult to the founders who partook in that brave act. The neocons today who through around the phrase "tea party" are nothing like the founders, and just a bunch of idiots who are dissapointed that their style of government and their party is clearly in the minority. This blog is about as useless as the modern Republican party, but I will continue to read it for a good laugh.

  2. The Richmond Tea Party, what a joke! Thanks for the link, I needed the laughs. I'm suprised they allow loonies like you all to actually meet together and discuss ideas. That was the problem with the Nazis in Germany prior to WWII, the crazies were allowed to meet together and share ideas.

  3. So I hear you guys are planning on showing up to all Dem events this summer, huh?