Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Fall of the Church of Gore

Global Warming's High Priest Disgraced by 'Climategate'

Ice on the Trees
Skyline Drive, December 16, 2007. Photo by Bob Kirchman

Global Warming Debunked by my Virginia Photo Collection

Refusing to be swayed by "facts," Sticking to your beliefs even when all evidence points to their unreasonableness, it's a matter of faith after all... am I describing the "dangerous" [1.] Religious Right here? No, these are the characteristics of the modern Global Warming movement, of which Algore is head priest and prophet.

As the hacked emails make it ever clearer, he is a false prophet... the kind the Biblical Jeremiah condemned outright.

Monica Crowley in Political Mavens [click to read] discusses the Jim Baker-like fall of climate televangelist Algore.

I'm doing my little bit too with my Virginia Photo Album.

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