Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shenandoah Valley of Virginia ... 2009 winter snow storm

The picket fence and gate are almost covered with snow. Photo by SWAC Daughter.

SWAC Husband clears 2 feet of snow off deck.

The snow is knee deep.

Pathway shoveled by SWAC Daughter to driveway.

As this photo was taken, heavy snow continued to fall. Photo by SWAC Daughter.

Photo by SWAC Daughter.

Snow drifting against fence.

Snow piled against door to deck.

Yard is a winter wonderland.

Heavy snow continues to fall as 25-30 mph wind gusts cause snow drifts.

Bob at The Journey has been out taking photos this morning ... and so has Fishersville Mike, whose bench is now completely buried in snow. No morning reports in yet from Yankee Phil or Jason or David.

Mike reminds us of those working throughout the storm, people we are thankful for ... and that includes SWAC bloggers Jason who is a deputy, and David who is a cardiac RN at the local hospital.

It's 23 degrees and the snow continues to fall....

- Phil has photos of the "big blast of global warming"
- David has photos and says they are "completely snowed in"
- Mike has updated at 11:15 Saturday morning

Photos by SWAC Girl & SWAC Daughter
Lynn Mitchell
19 December 2009


  1. Lovely. Here in eastern Hanover County we just received about 10 inches, Ashland got 14. Back home in Fauquier 16-18.

    I miss the Valley, used to come out to Fishers Hill Battlefield regulary when I worked for APCWS.


  2. Dont Ya Love It? Like Home,LOL