Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Who are these guys again?

Bearing Drift finds the important numbers about the 2013 campaign - nobody knows these guys yet.
Ken Cuccinelli: 44% have no opinion
Terry McAuliffe: 63% have no opinion
Half of women have no opinion of Ken Cuccinelli. 60% of blacks have no opinion. Over half of Democrats have no opinion. A third of Republicans have no opinion. As you’d expect, all of those numbers are even higher for McAuliffe.
Also worth noting, neither candidate has increased their name ID since Quinnipiac went into the field in January. All of the shots across the bow from Cuccinelli and McAuliffe have been part of the quiet, cold war where no one’s paying attention except those who already know who they’re supporting.
Just over seven months until Election Day.
We'll learn to be tired of them in their TV ads.

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