Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can Someone Show Me the 12th District?

This is Enlightening...

The Stimulus Money is Saving and Creating Jobs in Nonexistant Congressional Districts [click to read]. I'm wondering how ACORN might be involved in this.

SWAC Girl says: "Virginia has eleven congressional districts. Yet DJ at Right-Wing Liberal alerts us that somehow the Obama administration provided over $2.26 million to the 12th Congressional District. There is no such animal ... will there be an investigation by the media?"

12th District
Virginia's eleven Congressional Districts.

No, Virginia, there will NOT be an investigation by the media. Just the obligitory "we knew about it but it's not real news" piece.

This is Frightening...

Cook County politics come to Virginia? We're wondering if some ACORN volunteer turned member of the administration rode the Metro across the river and discovered the large cemetary there. In Chicago that is an underrepresented voter block, as you well know, and the staffer simply jumped the gun. After the Census comes redistricting.

Recently [I am NOT making this up]!!! there was a cemetary in Cook County that was digging up graves and reselling the plots! That it happened in Chicago makes you wonder... if these people were actively voting they didn't need a cemetary plot anyway, did they?

So I have a macabre theory as to where this "12th district" is. Watch out for purple shirts and ACORN 'Voter Registration Drives" in 2010 folks.

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