Sunday, November 1, 2009

StrictlyVA welcomes Bob from "The Journey"

StrictlyVa is a group of SWAC bloggers who write about anything and everything to do with Virginia.

The group of five ... Yankee Phil, Fishersville Mike, Augusta Water Cooler, Augusta Conservative, and SWAC Girl ... has increased to six with the addition of Bob from The Journey.

A photo blogger aka citizen journalist, Bob offers commentary and his unique window on the world around him through his photography and art. His first post for StrictlyVA talks about how the media will spin a Republican win if Tuesday sees a sweep of the top three of McDonnell, Bolling, and Cuccinelli. We look forward to more from Bob including his always-informative THYME Magazine editions.

The merry band of bloggers at StrictlyVA welcome Bob!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, my gosh! Let's all vote for the man that stated that working women were a detriment to society!! I am all for NOT working and having my hubby work his arse off supporting the both of us, but wait...we live in a 2 income society, so that wouldn't work!!

    Get into THIS century McDonnell!! We women of the 21st century work outside the home, pick up after slacker hubbies that ONLY work outside the home, raise the kids, and make sure everyone in the home is happy as a lark!

    Get a life!! Get Deeds!!!