Monday, November 2, 2009

Inspiration at the Airport

Two Trips to SHD Prove to be Stirring

B-17 Flying Fortress
A young American takes in a B-17 Flying Fortress as the Collings Foundation WW II aircraft visit the Valley.

I've been to Shenandoah Valley Airport twice this week. Both times were greatly moving. Last week gave many Valley residents the chance to see some of the planes that helped win the great war. You could walk through the bombers and see the battle stations of young men in their twenties and imagine what it was like to defend freedom [and your airplane] from the enemy.

The second trip was to greet Virginia's Conservative ticket for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. They spoke of facing the challenges before us with clarity and purpose. The Conservative message rang through the terminal as over 200 citizens cheered. Small business, a proven jobs generator, needed to be set free to do just that. We need to reopen the rest areas for all the truckers serving this revitalized marketplace. Government needed to get lean and responsive again. Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli were saying all the things "they" said nobody could say anymore. "They" were calling Virginia a "blue state." I think Virginia just needed more oxygen.

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