Friday, May 22, 2009

Brian Moran, Promises made, Promises wacky.

Virginia Federalist posts on Brian Moran
Moran began his comments responding to a question on why he would be the best nominee. "I'm the only candidate with a progressive vission (sic) -- opposing offshore drilling and a new coal plant in the Chesapeake Bay." It is difficult to know why this is the progressive (communist) position. Off shore drilling can reduce dependence on foreign energy sources which appears to be a position of the Obama administration. Obama has also championed the use of clean coal............
Moran reminded voters that he was the "first candidate for Governor to call for 25% of our energy to come from renewable sources by 2025." Although he does not mention how this would occur, one method would be to outlaw mechanization on Virginia farms and business and replace machinery with conscripted human labor. This would permit Moran to fulfill his promise to "create thousands of green jobs here in Virginia."

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  1. It's progressive because its moving past the stone age use of coal and oil into renewables such as wind and solar. It's called progress, and lets us lead better, healthier lives.