Thursday, May 21, 2009

Local Delegates Explain Vote on Fed money

Over at YankeePhilip, there is a piece on why the local delegates voted NO on taking Federal Money for extending unemployment.
Delegate Chris Saxman said if there were no federal stings attached, he would have supported the plan. However, he said in the long-run it would hurt small businesses that could be faced with the burden of higher fees. Additionally, he said the move could discourage businesses from hiring part-time employees that would cost more if they were let go.
The original story in the Washington Post was..............
Assembly Rejects $125 Million for Expanded Jobless Benefits
On April 8 , the VirginiaGeneral Assembly rejected $125 million in federal stimulus money Wednesday that would have provided additional unemployment benefits to thousands of jobless Virginians.
The GOP-controlled House of Delegates, a fiscally conservative body that has long opposed fundamental changes to laws that extend such benefits, killed the proposal after members argued it would translate into higher taxes for businesses once the supply of stimulus money was exhausted.

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