Tuesday, May 12, 2009

McDonnell Ad

Bob 4 Jobs
“Bobs 4 Jobs,” a simple saying, one that I repeated numerous times when I was campaigning all over Virginia with Bob. A simple saying with significant meaning: Bob McDonnell is for creating jobs in Virginia. Virginia has so much to offer and Bob wants to use the all the resources Virginia has to offer, from the coal in west, to the oil offshore, to the dedicated and bright people that call it home. Bob knows the greatness that resides in Virginia, and with his leadership I know all of America will see it too.
Even though I only spent two days in Virginia with him, I really enjoyed my time with Bob - crisscrossing all over Virginia and speaking to hundreds of people that are as ready as I am for the right kind of change. During our time together, one thing in particular about Bob struck me, the passion and vision he has for Virginia became vividly clear.
The Republican party is not done, but it does need to be rebooted, and that will start in Virginia. There is a clear choice to be made, and I’m proud to stand with Bob McDonnell and I hope you will join with me in making sure he is the next Governor of Virginia.
For Victory in Virginia,
Posted by Mike Huckabee on 05/10 at 11:36 PM
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FishersvilleMike called it Warm and Fuzzy

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  1. I got "Warm and Fuzzy" from Lowell. I don't think he meant it positively.