Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Click It or Ticket" runs for rest of Month

Be Careful on the roads
The Harrisonburg Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies will be cracking down on seat-belt violations during the latest "Click It or Ticket" campaign, which starts Monday and runs through the end of this month.
The purpose of the campaign, which will include multiple checkpoints and "saturation" patrols, is to increase awareness and seat-belt use by both drivers and front- and backseat passengers.

In Virginia, failing to wear a seat belt is a secondary offense, meaning a police officer must make a traffic stop for another violation before issuing a citation for not wearing one's safety belt.

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  1. Be mindful while on the roads especially in Augusta County where the Sheriff's Office has for 2 years in a row earned the honor of Most Effecient Agency (small to medium) in traffic summons issued nationwide. You don't get a award like that sittig around eating donuts (OK maybe a few) or from giving warnings. Phil is right, this is a secondary offense, however there is no such thing as a perfect car or driver don't tempt fate, besides wearing a seat belt is just common sense anyway.