Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Democratic Governors Association fined for campaign finance law violation

Anita Kumar at the Washington Post is reporting that the Democratic Governors Association tripped over the red tape of campaign finance laws:
The State Board of Elections will fine the Democratic Governors Association $2,500 [Wednesday] for failing to comply with state campaign finance laws involving the group's donations in the governor's race.

The DGA has contributed $2.15 million to Common Sense Virginia, a political action committee that is running TV ads attacking Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob McDonnell across the state.
Where the DGA tripped up was failing to report donations to a PAC exceeding $2,500 as required by Virginia law, according to the WaPo. Their last report was April 15.


  1. Apparently, the Democrat party is at it again with their sideways tactics. I wonder if the Democrat party felt it better to pay a fine than have to publically submit its list of donors. The funds are probably all out of state or international.

  2. They are dropping fines I think, news developing