Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Double digit lead

The latest poll, released Wednesday by SurveyUSA, has all three Republicans leading by double digit margins.
Blue Virginia looks at the internals, and gets a reply that Survey USA has switched from registered voters to likely voters for this poll.
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Deeds WILL raise your taxes.

Go see the video over at YankeePhil. With that smirk on his face, you know what he is thinking. "OH YEAH BABY, TAXES UP!!!!"

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Report from Richmond Tea Party

The Other McCain spoke at Saturday's Liberty 101 meeting in Richmond. His report includes lots of links to those groups in attendance.

Two papers in one, local edition

Wall Street Journal runs a daily "Best of the Web" feature, and the editor loves to collect instances where the paper runs opposite thoughts in the same issue.
I think I found one in the News Leader Sunday.
In a story on the debate, Creigh Deeds said
"As much as you talk about what's going on in Washington, I wonder if you're running for Congress rather than the governor of Commonwealth of Virginia," Deeds said. "Let's talk more about Virginia."
In an Associated Press story featured on the website, Rep. Bobby Scott said
"I think the issues of the day for voters in Virginia tend to be the national issues — health care, the environment, the economy — and the issues that are Virginia-specific in the governor's race haven't really gelled," said U.S. Rep. Robert C. Scott, D-Va.

Friday, July 24, 2009

DeWald steps out of 20th District race, throws support to David Karaffa!!

from AugustaConservative--

This morning I received a call from Mr. DeWald. He stated that he was pulling out of the race for the 20th District Delegate position. He sighted some medical reasons for his withdrawal and I understand them. Mr. DeWald was the highest licensed official working at the Department of Health for water treatment and served on the State Water Control Board. He also volunteered at the hospital, Augusta Health, in Fishersville as Santa Claus during the Christmas Season.

He went on to say that he fully supports me in my bid for the Republican Nomination.

"I want to add that I throw any weight that I might have had to Mr. David Karaffa. He is the only one of the 7 that remain that is out there in the public. I have seen and heard him in Gypsy Hill Park. He is out there with the people. The others lack that motivation and drive. We need someone vibrant that is going after the position because he desires to be part of the solution and will work hard for the party. He is young enough to run for many years and not to be just a figurehead. I applaud his efforts in obtaining such medical credentials in such a short time. That shows desire and people skills. That is what the party that I love needs. We do not need someone who will just want the name of the position, but go out and be the reorganized Republican Party."---Christopher J DeWald.

I appreciate Mr. DeWald's kind words and respect him for putting forth his name to serve the people of our district.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Del. Saxman on Bearing Drift today

Jim Hoeft will be interviewing Del. Chris Saxman (R-20th House) today at noon. After yesterday's unveiling of eight candidates vying for Del. Saxman's House seat, it will be interesting to hear his thoughts about the issue.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gubernatorial debate Saturday at the Homestead

Beautiful Homestead resort in western Virginia.

Political eyes will turn toward western Virginia this weekend as the gubernatorial candidates meet for the annual Virginia Bar Association debate at the Homestead in Hot Springs.

Bob McDonnell (R) and Creigh Deeds (D) will continue in the summer tradition of prominent candidates debating the issues before an audience of Virginia lawyers and the public. The event is always entertaining and the setting encourages political junkies to make room on their calendars to attend.

This will be the first meetup between Mr. McDonnell and Mr. Deeds since the June Democratic primary. While Mr. McDonnell has proposed a series of 10 debates between now and election day, Mr. Deeds has agreed to only four.

Bloggers United had invited both candidates to attend at its annual event, debating one another in the presence of political bloggers from across the Commonwealth. Mr. McDonnell agreed; Mr. Deeds declined.

Since Mr. Deeds appears to be a reluctant debater, there may not be many opportunities to observe him discussing issues with Mr. McDonnell so this weekend is especially important.

Saturday, July 25, 11:00 a.m. at the Homestead. I will be there blogging the event.

Bob McDonnell for Governor

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A note to our readers.

Be advised that we don't print comments with cursing, name calling, slurs, or threats.
Those of you who wish to engage in that level of "debate", please do it elsewhere.

David Karaffa for 20th District Delegate!!!

Good Evening, I'm David Karaffa.

As many of you know, our Delegate, Chris Saxman, has announced that he will no longer be seeking re-election in November, which opens up the Republican nomination. I, like many of you, was surprised that our good delegate was no longer running. I understand the reasons that Delegate Saxman has for stepping aside and I want to take this opportunity to thank him for his years of unwavering service to our community, and wish him well in his future endeavors.

Over the last couple of days, many in the community have asked me if I would submit my name for candidacy. After careful consideration of the issues confronting our great commonwealth, input from my family, and quiet prayer, I have decided to put forward my name for the 20th District seat of the Virginia House of Delegates.

We reflect on the peaceful passing of public service from one person to the next that has been in practice ever since the founding of our country. Each time, it has been to a person that shares our faith in a system that puts "We the People" in charge and I share in that belief. If selected I will passionately continue our fight for fiscal responsibility, real estate assessment reform, education, healthcare, a responsible energy policy, government transparency, and job creation. As Delegate Saxman, a great public servant, goes on to travel a different path, we must have strength and courage as a community, to look to the future of our representation and take confidence in our selection.

I want to thank the Republican Committee Chairmen for opening up this nomination so that once again a person who walks among us can step forward, take on the burden of public service, and represent our interests in the Virginia legislature. I look forward to an open and fair process where the will of the people will be respected and the spirit of our democracy maintained.

I am honored by the prospect of representing our great community and I ask you to support me at the Republican Nomination Forum 7 pm July 27th at Buffalo Gap High School.

(Show your support for David Karaffa and wear a red shirt to the Forum)

More endorsement news

Having a day to think about Sheila Johnson's endorsement of Bob McDonnell, NRO's Jim Geraghty finds more bad news for Creigh Deeds.

Delegate Mitchell Not To Be

I was somewhat disheartened this evening when I heard through close friends that Mrs. Lynn "SWAC Girl" Mithchell has decided not to enter into the nomination race for VA's 20th Delegate, a seat soon to be vacated by Chris Saxman. I've spoken with Lynn on this matter personally and know that she did not come to this decision lightly. Lynn spent many an hour discussing this first and foremost with family whom she hold above all else. Lynn's interest in seeking this position was about serving the district with solid conservative values and in no way about some power grab.

It is this blogger's opine that ultimately Lynn decided not to seek the nomination because she didn't want to drag her friends and family through the baseless and cowardly lies that were unsuccessfully used to try and harm her in the past year/s. I believe that many of these cowardly attacks would have continued anew from people who have never done in there whole lives what Lynn Mitchell does in an average weekend for the conservative movement.
If your the type of person who posts hate speech on someones blog and then signs off as anonymous then yes I'm referring to you.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bob McDonnell: "Keep rest areas open"

~Bob McDonnell Proposes New Ways to Keep Facilities Open Now; If Closed, Pledges to Re-Open All within 90 Days of Taking Office in January~

The Democrats are playing games with Virginia's rest areas in the middle of summer when more travelers on the road vacationing than any other time of the year.

Saturday morning I stopped at the I-64 rest area just west of Richmond, something I often do because it's location is convenient from Staunton to Richmond and there are few businesses along that Charlottesville-to-Richmond stretch of the interstate.

The rest area was packed with vehicles just as it always is, and I had to wait for a parking place. Yet this is one that is slated to closure on July 21.

Since taking a stand on rest areas, I have heard from many people who agree and have relayed their various stories about why they use them, how they rely on them, and why they feel Democrat Governor Tim Kaine is playing politics.

Today Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell took a definite stand on the rest area controversy with the following press release:
RICHMOND- One day before Virginia begins to shutter eighteen safety rest stops and one welcome center statewide, Bob McDonnell, Republican gubernatorial nominee and former Attorney General of Virginia, announced his support for prompt, proactive and creative measures to keep the facilities open. McDonnell further pledged that if the rest stops are closed, he will open them back up within 90 days of taking office as governor in January 2010. Eighteen interstate-highway safety rest areas are set to close tomorrow, and the Interstate 66 West Welcome Center at Manassas will close on September 16th, due to budget choices made by the Kaine administration.

McDonnell called for a series of steps to be taken, all of which would help keep the rest stops open to the benefit of motorists, public safety, and Virginia's tourism and hospitality industry.
Specifically McDonnell proposes the following:
· The immediate creation of an "Adopt a Safety Rest Stop" program with Virginia businesses, community and civic organizations, modeled on the successful "Adopt a Highway" initiative, to help keep the safety rest stops open in the near term, without providing commercial services. Leaders of the Virginia Business Council have already been contacted and have indicated their willingness to help fund rest stop operations in the near term to help the State.

· The General Assembly must explore creative financing structures to fund rest stop operations and maintenance during the 2010 session, and engage the private sector in new partnerships.

· Governor Kaine and the Virginia Department of Transportation should promptly construct a more limited budget for rest stop operations, below the current 9 million dollar annual budget. We must work with local sheriffs, community corrections officers, as well as the state DOC to explore the feasibility of landscaping and clean-up of rest areas as an option for those currently sentenced to community service or eligible for work release programs. Many non-violent offenders are already successfully assigned to roadside clean-up work crews around the state.

· The CTB budget should be reprioritized to allocate the necessary money to keep the rest stops open.
Speaking about his proposals McDonnell noted, "Any person, whether a candidate for statewide office or a parent who has been on a family vacation, can tell you about the importance of Virginia's rest stops. Our rest stops provide a safe place for truckers and motorists to rest, and serve as information centers for tourists looking to find out about Virginia's many attractions. Shutting down Virginia's rest stops will negatively impact motorists, impair public safety, weaken our tourism industry, and slap a "Closed" sign on the Commonwealth. That's not what Virginia needs right now."

McDonnell continued, "With the rejection of recent efforts in Congress to seek a waiver from federal regulations prohibiting the commercialization of our rest stops, it appears this administration is content to let our rest stops be shuttered tomorrow. We should not give up on this issue so quickly. We can still fix this problem. By being creative, working across party lines, making rest stop safety a priority, and involving the private sector, we can keep our rest stops open for the benefit of all motorists and the entire Commonwealth. We should initiate an "Adopt a Rest Stop" program to be funded by private sector companies, wherein they would sponsor the continuing operation of a rest stop by the Commonwealth. You can "Adopt a Highway" why not "Adopt a Rest Stop"? I will contact members of the Virginia Business Council, an organization comprised of the Commonwealth's largest corporate citizens, and ask for their immediate assistance in keeping the rest areas open in the short term. There are also ways to construct a more limited budget to keep the rest stops open that should be explored fully."

McDonnell also stated, "I refuse to believe that we can't work together to make sure our highways stay safe and Virginia stays "open" to travelers, truckers and everyday motorists. And I make this pledge. If the rest stops do close tomorrow, and remain dark in the months ahead, that will end when I am elected governor. I will work with the General Assembly to find a way to fund the operation of these facilities. And within 90 days of my taking office all 19 rest stops will be open again. We have a two-year budget of nearly $80 billion. To keep the rest stops open we need $9 million, or less if we get smart about how we manage things in Richmond. We can do this. It just takes commitment and creativity."

Rest stops play an important role in keeping Virginia's highways safe. They provide a secure location for weary travelers and truckers to rest, reducing the number of accidents. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Board, driver fatigue results in 100,000 accidents and 1,500 deaths a year in the United States. Studies show that truck-driver fatigue could be a factor in up to 40 percent of truck crashes, and night-time truck crashes increase when the distance between rest areas increases. Rest stops also play an important economic role in Virginia, as they are a place where out of state travelers can pick up promotion sources for the tourism and hospitality industries. Further, according to a recent article in the
Richmond Times Dispatch, the closing of the safety rest stops and welcome centers will mean 209 contract workers and 3 welcome-center employees will be laid off, and the state will lose about $800,000 in revenue from vending machines.
Bob McDonnell for Governor

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Friday, July 17, 2009

City Councilman to be handed the 20th district seat of Virginia

It appears, according to the Rockingham GOP Chairman and The News Leader, that no public nomination process will be sought by the Republican Party to replace Saxman. Head over to the AugustaConservative for more...

Lynn Mitchell for 20th District Delegate

Like many of you I was shocked by Delegate Saxman pulling out of the race unexpectedly, the immediate question at hand is who will be the next nominee? I was talking with a close friend of Lynn Michell's and that person has said that Lynn would be interested in the seat, but would first need to discuss it with her family and close friends.

I've been lucky enough to call Lynn a friend now for several years and will support her in whatever direction this new opportunity may provide. Stay tuned for further developments on this here and over at the Augusta Water Cooler.

Delegate Lynn Mitchell ?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Anti-Walmart sentiment is driving debate in Orange County

Governor Tim Kaine is urging Walmart to choose a new site in Orange County for it's new store. In a letter to Orange County Board of Supervisors Chairman Lee Frame, Kaine and House Speaker William Howell say the nearby battlefield is extremely important.

Walmart Response to Kaine Letter

We acknowledge and respect the significant work of both Governor Kaine and Speaker Howell in regard to fostering economic growth in the Commonwealth while balancing the interest of preserving Virginia's tremendous historical significance.

We wholeheartedly agree this project presents the unique opportunity to bring the interests of battlefield preservation and smart development effectively into balance, and that is precisely what we have accomplished with our current proposal. The site (outside the boundaries of the Wilderness Battlefield) has been zoned appropriately for commercial development for more than 20 years, is consistent with the county's comprehensive plan for future growth and is in an area where more than 5,000 residential homes and other compatible commercial development are already built out dramatically closer to the preserved boundaries of the Wilderness Battlefield than our project.

Keith Morris Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations
Northeast Region

The proposed Walmart is about 1 mile from the battlefield. In between the Walmart and the battlefield, there are already lots of houses. It is the people in these houses that Walmart wants to serve. If there was only a preserved battlefield there, why would Walmart want to go there?

The argument is totally bogus from the Anti-Walmart crowd.
"Oh, ok, these houses are ok, but not a Walmart."
Kaine and his DNC cronies should tell the truth.
They don't give a hoot about the Battlefield.
It is all about stopping Walmart.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Latest Rasmussen poll

Rasmussen Reports released its latest poll on the gubernatorial contest Wednesday.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Buddy, can you spare a sign?

Chris Graham at has an interesting column up. He had a booth up last weekend at the Waynesboro Extravaganza, and didn't get much help from the top Democratic campaigns in having signs and literature to disturb.
The Republicans had a full booth, which Rightside Virginia proudly posted on his blog Saturday.
Graham contrasts this year with last, when Barack Obama obviously brought great enthusiasm to the Democratic side.
Last year, it was "I just walked over five miles of broken glass to work in the Democratic headquarters."
This year, it's "I'd like to help, but I'm meeting a guy with rusty pliers in the parking lot so he can pull my teeth."
McDonnell has the poll lead now, and seems to have the edge in enthusiasm. Democrats spent the spring talking about Terry McAuliffe's fundraising prowess and how it would bring money down-ballot. Without McAuliffe topping the ticket, will that hoped-for advantage happen?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009