Saturday, October 30, 2010

Is Socialism Cool in Charlottesville?

Meet Some of Tom Perriello's Supporters Who Think it is

November is coming.

Americans for Prosperity made a creative point in a creative way yesterday in Charlottesville.

"Yesterday, Barack Obama came to Charlottesville to campaign for his liberal sidekick, Tom Perriello. AFP decided to greet his supporters waiting in line by offering them free "Socialism Isn't Cool" bumper stickers. The response we got told us a lot about who is secretly supporting Tom Perriello. Watch this video...and see for yourself!" -- Ben Marchi, AFP

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

THYME Magazine

Citizen Jouralism with a Better Flavor

Volume II, Issue XXVII, Tom Perriello on the cover.

This November We Must 'Stop Them from Stealing'

The 'other' Weekly News Magazine [click to read] is focusing on lobbyists. THYME is focused on the problem of public sector unions and other vested interests as well. How about a congress that is less prone to be 'bought.' Term limits is sounding like a pretty good idea right now. We can begin imposing them this November. Voters in Virginia's Fifth Congressional District have a unique opportunity to participate!

The Best Lawmakers Money Can Buy? [click to read] ht/Phil.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lots of Local Coverage of Hurt

Robert Hurt, GOP 5th Congressional district, September fundraiser in Augusta County

Help Tom Perriello find a job

Albemarle GOP issued Press Release

Hurt Supporters outnumbered Moveon folk by 10-1

Vote for the Guy Named Bob!

Bob Goodlatte [6th District]and Bob Hurt [5th District]

Vote for Bob
Bob Goodlatte introduces Bob Hurt, who is running to unseat Tom Perriello in the 5th Congressional dstrict. Photo by Lynn Mitchell.